Above all it’s necessary to love the soil to know it, to smell it and to allow it to give us the best of what it has. For us a quality wine is obtained from the work carried out at vineyard level. For this, we use techniques adapted to each plot:
> Controlled pruning and removal of buds to restrict the quantity of grapes produced
> Removal of leaves to optimise the grapes exposure to sunlight
> Alternating between ploughing and grassing of the vineyard to encourage the root systems to seek their nutrition at greater depth and augment the quantity of minerals absorbed.

All these techniques have as their objective a harvest of quality. With more ripe, fleshy and less acidic grapes we fashion wines that are more rounded, supple and concentrated in aromas.
Assembly of the wines is a critical stage in the making of our range of wines. We work to find find the best balance while remaining faithful to the typicity of our terroir.

In our range, you will discover wines with good maturity in their aromatic profile, of a great purity, fruity wines to drink young and more structured wines to keep.

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