We have practiced a totally sustainable method of agriculture for over 15 years. This has permitted us to restore a real ecological balance to the soil, the only guarantee of its perpetuity. This environmental commitment reflects the approach to quality in our wines. So we attach a huge importance to the working methods in the vineyard.

Our vineyard is completely grassed. Regularly mowed, the grass decomposes producing a large amount of compost necessary to the biological life of the soil. Artificial fertilisers are not used, should the vines require fertiliser organic compost is used.
Fungicidal treatments are applied in very weak doses, the only purpose being to contain the attacks of diseases and to protect the quality of the grapes until complete maturity.

At the “Domaine de la Grange”, our know-how is applied daily thanks to a judicious balance between controlled modern techniques and the complete protection of nature. 

It’s this philosophy of sustainable agriculture which motivates us and gives us the belief in our profession of Artisan Winegrower, working for the future of authentic wines.

We are members of the Association of Independent Vignerons.